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GSA provides game data, league statistics, and performance analysis to teams that compete within the international basketball community. Our software tools produce the information that enables teams to make peak roster, recruiting, and game-strategy decisions.

Global Basketball News

We provide a free email newsletter by subscription request. The GSAReport focuses on international basketball, the U.S. College leagues, and the NBA. Our news is gathered from more than twenty-five sources from around the world and includes articles on the lifestyles, fashions, and global politics of basketball.


Solutions For Teams

The GSAEdge

Global Sports Analytics provides international basketball teams with a state-of-the-art data, statistics, and analytics software solution. The Edge has been developed with advanced mathematics and algorithms. Our solution provides the most advanced sports analytics solution in the basketball industry.

Partner With Teams

GSA works with team managers and coaches on an individual basis to provide customized versions of the Edge. Through use of our solution, coaches and team managers gain unique insights into their team play characteristics, game performances, and competitive advantages.


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The GSAReport

Our newsletter is published daily. The GSAReport brings a diverse set of articles, videos, and pictures. Every day, we scan news from around the world to find stories of unique nature. You will be the first to know the news that matters!

Culture, Fashion, and Politics

International basketball has risen to a premier position of impact upon people, cities, and countries located around the world. Our Culture, Fashion, and Politics section brings fascinating news about the global impact of basketball to your smartphone and desktop computer.

Our Vision Global Expansion

For The Leagues

The GSAEdge provides teams with the opportunity to improve their competitiveness and deliver a better fan experience. The Edge debuted during the 2016 European basketball season. We will expand into the Middle East, South American, and U.S. College leagues in 2017.

For The Fans

We are fans of basketball just like you. The sport’s community extends around the globe and provides connections that bring us all closer. Through our contributions to better team play and reporting on important news from around the world, fans of international basketball will find new and interesting ways to participate in the world’s most exciting game with us.