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GSA provides game data, league statistics, and performance analysis to teams that compete within the international basketball community. Our software tools produce the information that enables teams to make peak roster, recruiting, and game-strategy decisions.

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Solutions For Teams

The GSAEdge

Global Sports Analytics provides international basketball teams with a state-of-the-art data, statistics, and analytics software solution. The Edge has been developed with advanced mathematics and algorithms. Our solution provides the most advanced sports analytics solution in the basketball industry.

Partner With Teams

GSA works with team managers and coaches on an individual basis to provide customized versions of the Edge. Through use of our solution, coaches and team managers gain unique insights into their team play characteristics, game performances, and competitive advantages.


Head Coach and GM of Basketball Operations for the KW Titans of the NBL (Canada)

This past season with the Kitchener-Waterloo Titans in the National Basketball League of Canada, I have had the pleasure of working with Global Sports Analytics and their EDGE program. Having data that speaks directly to my team and my players' performances has been nothing short of beneficial for our positive growth. The EDGE has provided me with detail that is easily understood and if something is not clear, the staff at GSA were quick to help me out. The information I got from the EDGE allowed me to be that much more specific in our day to day practice needs as well as time and score situations in game play. If you are a coach that needs the smallest of details in your approach, I strongly recommend working with GSA and including them in your process.


Head Coach Medi Bayreuth (Germany)

The platform by GSA is a very helpful tool for all coaches to get a look from a different angle on your team and at the same time get an idea on how to play your next opponent. The EDGE has given us very useful inside information, which we were able to integrate into our game plan for upcoming opponents. Since this is a very unique service on the basketball market, I am excited to see it develop further and become an indispensable platform for coaches.


Head Coach Banvit B.K. (Turkey)

I have had time to check in with the platform that you have created and it is a very solid asset to any club, coach and moreover to executives that are looking at improving their understanding and decision making skills. It is intuitive and allows its users to play around with personnel and even distinguish different traits. Within European basketball this platform looks unique and the CRAFT and EUCLİD elements are way beyond that of any tool that I have encountered so far. The printable İnside EDGE report is a valuable asset for road trips and team meetings, and the player highlight bits and video bits are equally important. Furthermore, being able to play with rosters; add, take out and even replace players based on advanced statistics that you have formulated makes this a tool that I think will be sought after.

Our Vision Global Expansion

For The Leagues

The GSAEdge provides teams with the opportunity to improve their competitiveness and deliver a better fan experience. The Edge debuted during the 2016 European basketball season. We will expand into the Middle East, South American, and U.S. College leagues in 2017.

For The Fans

We are fans of basketball just like you. The sport’s community extends around the globe and provides connections that bring us all closer. Through our contributions to better team play and reporting on important news from around the world, fans of international basketball will find new and interesting ways to participate in the world’s most exciting game with us.